Why Singular Sarah?

When you think of unusual or unique names, you don’t think of the name Sarah. When I was born, the name Sarah was the #4 most popular baby name for little girls, and even 30 years later, it’s still in the top 100. I’ve almost never been the only Sarah at my school, in my group of friends, or at my work. My name never stood out; it was normal and was always pronounced and nearly always spelled correctly. I felt similarly about myself growing up as well; I never felt like I stood out to anyone.  I was shy and awkward, and I always felt like everyone thought I was uninteresting and unimportant.

I’m learning as an adult to embrace those quirks that make me like I am. Yes, I am an introvert and prefer to write and read over raucous parties or public speaking. Small talk is my nemesis; I can never remember what I’m supposed to say to complete strangers. I am incredibly clumsy, running into walls, doors, and washing machines with alarming regularity. I have a bizarre, sarcastic, and puntastic sense of humor that some people probably just don’t get. I’m definitely a plus size girl; I’m fairly certain that my butt has its own gravitational pull which probably explains my klutziness. I am overly emotional and sensitive, which can get me into trouble sometimes. But these traits about myself are what make me who I am, even if my younger self would have much rather have been normal, popular, and a favorite with the boys.

When I was trying to think of a name for my blog, I was determined to find a word that started with S because my grammar-obsessed self loves alliterations. I happened upon the adjective “singular” which means “distinguished by superiority, being out of the ordinary, departing from the general usage or expectation, and strange or eccentric in some respect.” Those words resonated with me in who I am now and the person I’d like to become.And so, the blog Singular Sarah was born, and you get me in all my clumsiness, weird humor, and love of random facts. You may know hundreds of women named Sarah, but there’s only one Sarah that’s just like me.