Clumsy Chronicles

The Accidental Terrorist

Pulling out one of my favorite stories from the “Sarah Does Dumb Stuff” archives. This particular story took place almost 5 years ago and was originally posted on my former blog Sarah’s Brand New Chapter. This is a story about how Sarah almost didn’t come home from a vacation in Wisconsin. Okay, that might be […]

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Chronic Illness

My Stomach Has A Bad Attitude

I remember the gastroenterologist telling me the news. I had experienced all the tests: endoscopy, colonoscopy (before 25 no less), abdominal CAT scans, and a HIDA scan to check my gallbladder for issues before telling me that I had irritable bowel syndrome. I later found out that this diagnosis is partially based on my symptoms […]

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Sarah's Musings

An Introvert Walks Into A Park

Sunrise is just peaking over the edge of the trees in front of my house when I wake up in the morning to squeeze in that necessary morning workout. I sleepily lace on my sneakers, slip on a comfortable, old sports bra, and wrangle my hair into submission with a headband before heading out the […]

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