Month: December 2018

Glorious Food
Weight Loss Journey

When Snacks Attack

Lately, it seems like every night, all I want to do is eat ALL the things. Perhaps, it has something to do with the bad habit Ryan and I have fallen into of eating all our meals in front of the TV, habituating my brain into associating quirky, British broadcasting with stuffing my face. I get to the end of the night and find that I’ve consumed at least another 400 calories that neither I nor my thighs needed.

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Sarah's Musings

Writing Again

I hate having to write these posts where I apologize for going all AWOL on you. I’d like to say it was because I was writing the next great American novel or could give you some sort of cool announcement like being pregnant (I’m not) or I’m going to be on a reality TV show (that’s another nope). Instead, if I’m being perfectly honest, I really just didn’t want to write.

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